FINAL FANTASY 7 remake suprise demo release

The highly anticipated Final Fantasy VII RemakeΒ was first announced in 2015 and is set to be released on April 10th.

But to keep you keen the demo is now available on the PlayStation store for download.

SONIC smashes BOX OFFICE for 2nd week running

Sonic is still proving hes a FAST mover as he tops the box office charts for a 2nd week running with an impressive $26.3 million in its second weekend bringing the global total to over $200 million

Our visit to NQ64 retro gaming bar


Hidden away down a side street in the busy Manchester northern quarter lies the entrance to NQ64

As you descend the narrow stairs you are instantly met with the sound of gaming nostalgia, urban background music and the hustle and bustle of fellow gamers jockeying for position to play their favourite games. The neon graffiti interior runs throughout the venue and works well but i found it to be a little to dark in places making it hard to see the instructions on the cabinets.

To be fair the prices at the bar weren’t to bad when you consider that the consoles are free to play

To play the machines you need to purchase tokens from the bar, Β£5 gets you 15 tokens. Each game takes 1 or 2 tokens per player per game so it works out about 30p each play on the cabinets and 60p for the pinball, gun and driving games which is pretty good.

The free to play consoles consisted of SNES, N64, GAMECUBE & PS1. The game choice was great as you could select from 100s using on screen menus and there was enough controllers to enjoy 4 player classics like golden eye or Mario kart. It did lack in the SEGA department tho and me being a huge sega fan was a lil disappointed to not see one set up.

There are plenty of cabinets to get on and a good selection including Golden axe, Street fighter, Pacman, Mortal kombat to name a few. It was busy when we went but never had to wait to long to play as game hogs are frowned upon.

As well as the cabinets and consoles there are a few shooting game, point blank being a particular favourite of mine.

There is also a couple of outrun racing classics, dance game, guitar hero and a few pinball machines.

Forgot how good classic pinball machines are

As I said , frowned upon 🀣

All in all it was a great day, few hours flew by. Nice couple of pints enjoying some gaming nostalgia (even if I was getting beat by my button bashing girlfriend) at a reasonable price. Will definitely be returning next time I’m in town.